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UN Global Platform Handbook on Information Technology Strategy (Chinese)


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(Chinese Version)

Wardley Mapping the SDGs.

Read this book to help understand 'situational awareness' and how to develop a strategy that maps a landscape and helps understand the why of movement to develop the why why of purpose.

This book covers the development of your IT strategy using Wardley Maps to help predict the future and to understand which methodologies are best suited to developing and delivery information management systems.

Information Technology (IT) continues to play an essential role in all aspects of statistical processing throughout the entire production life cycle from data collection through to dissemination. This is a fast moving and rapidly changing environment with new innovations being developed at a breath-taking rate.

‘Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again’

In this book we use an example of SDG 9.1.1 to explain Wardley Mapping.

Organisations can expect a continued and accelerating rate of change in the years to come with further advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, increased computing power, big data and the “Internet of Things”.